Our wellness department focuses on cultivating an environment and culture that supports the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of every student. Get Ahead equips our students with the necessary skills to confidently advocate for themselves in all spheres of life.

Our in-house social worker, Nangamso Xashimba, is there to assist, support and encourage our students to flourish.

Pastoral care has taken on a more inclusive function and is inextricably linked with teaching and learning and the structural organization of our school.  Students’ personal and social development is promoted and positive attitudes are fostered.  This is done through the quality of teaching and learning; through the nature of relationships amongst our students and teachers; through monitoring of our students’ overall academic, social and emotional progress; through specific pastoral and support systems; and through extra-curricular activities and the school’s ethos.  Pastoral care assists our students to develop a positive self-esteem, healthy risk taking, goal setting and negotiation skills. Effective pastoral care leads to resilient students who are confident to face life’s challenges.