Grade 7 students are voted onto the Learner Council by their peers after attending a leadership camp.  In order to give as many Grade 7 students the opportunity at leadership as possible, Learner Council term of office is six months.  A new Learner Council is elected in June.

Be a good ambassador for the school.

Roles and responsibilities of the learner council:

  • Observe the school rules at all times.

  • Report to any violation of school rules which could affect the safety of your fellow learners at school.

  • Be dressed appropriately at all times.

  • Maintain an excellent attendance record.

  • Be punctual for your duties.

  • Maintain a perfect behavioural record.

  • Be positive and enthusiastic.

  • Be able to encourage and motivate fellow students.

  • Be cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy, and responsible.

  • Be respectful toward teachers, your peers, and the school environment.

  • Display leadership qualities: confidence, initiative, problem-solving skills.

  • Be willing to take on extra responsibility.

  • Be able to work independently and complete tasks without supervision.

  • Maintain a good academic record.